Weigh-in week one


The first Saturday of the blog heralds our first weigh in. I mentioned in our first post that my BMI was 26.54 and my partner’s 28.44, and that we both wanted to get down to a BMI of 25. We aim to achieve this by smart eating with – in my case – a continuation of the 5:2 diet and exercise.

My BMI this week is 25.94 – a loss of 0.6 BMI points.

My partner’s BMI is 27.75 – a loss of 0.69 BMI points.

So a fantastic start! We both know that the first week is the easiest, and that continued weight loss is the ultimate aim, but we are over the first hurdle!

We have stuck to the plan well, and have probably been eating a bit less than we had planned. We both go back to work next week, and it remains to be seen how we cope with the increase in stress, temptations, and a busier lifestyle. I will have to swap my running schedule for something more gym-based due to work commitments. Despite these challenges, we are confident that we will pull through.

We will add a typical meal plan next, complete with recipes. And remember, we are doing all of this on a budget! We have done our first weekly shop, but are waiting until next week to report on how well we are sticking to the financial plan.


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