Work-out plan: first attempt


As of tomorrow I’m back at work, which means I’ll be less inclined to go running. Here’s how I intend to keep fit.

I think that it’s important to be realistic when creating a workout plan. There’s no point in planning something that I will not stick to. With that in mind, here are my constraints:

  • I have to work (I am a scientist, and my days are not usually that active)
  • I fast two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • I play football (soccer) once a week (Monday evening), and I’d like the day before off.
  • I cycle to work and back (about 6 hilly miles in total)

I intend to run on Saturdays, a 5.5 mile run around the area I live in. It’s quite hilly. So that, plus the cycling and the football is already an OK week. I want to do better than OK though, so I’m adding these gym sessions before work:

Tuesday and Thursday (fast days)

Sprinting intervals on the watt bike at the gym. 2 minutes steady, 1 minute going nuts. 15 minutes total. This is very much in the spirit of this, and shouldn’t be too time intensive before work.

Tuesdays are likely to be my weak point – I’ll be knackered from football the night before, and will probably have gotten a poor night’s sleep due to the extra adrenaline. I’ll just have to utilise some extra will power!

Wednesday and Friday

I want to keep this quick, and want to do the bulk of the workout in one place without wasting time changing weights. So, here’s what I’ll do:

Three sets of pull ups to failure (should be quick for me!). Then four rounds of:

As quickly as (safely) possible, but with a couple of minutes between rounds. I’ll be picking baby weights to begin, and working my way up. I’ll probably do the shoulder presses standing. Although the videos show kettle bells, I’ll be using dumbbells.

This workout falls broadly under the category of circuit training – for some other (fun!) circuit workouts see here – I particularly like the Angry Birds idea.

Finally I’ll finish up with some dumbbell curls (I know, I know, biceps are barely worth working).

If you have any comments then please let me know! Remember I’m not a personal trainer or a health expert, so these exercises are just what I’m doing, not what I think that you should do.


3 thoughts on “Work-out plan: first attempt

  1. What type of fasting are you doing? is it a 24 hour fast or 16 and 8 etc?

    If it is a 24 hour fast I wouldnt do things like sprints on those days instead more low intensity exercises so your attacking the fat not the muscle.

    Your plan looks very thought out and looks good. One of my favourite sayings is: fail to prepare, prepare to fail 🙂

    • It’s 500 calories for the day. I deliberately titled the post first attempt, and if I feel that I’m losing muscle rather than fat after a couple of weeks I’ll be sure to check out some lower intensity exercises. Cheers for the tip!

      • Oh yup na that’s cool 🙂 Yeah you just gotta keep trying things and tweaking it until you find what works perfect for you. I personally use ‘intermittent fasting’ which really gets the last bit of fat off 🙂 but everyone is different 😀 Look forward to seeing your progress

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