Weigh-in week two


Last week I lost 0.6 BMI points, and my partner 0.69 BMI points taking us to BMIs of 25.94 and 27.75, respectively. The aim for both of us is 25. Time to see how we did this week….


We’ve both stuck to the plan, and have both lost weight:
My BMI this week is 25.15 – a loss of 0.79 BMI pointsMy partner’s BMI this week is 27.54 – a loss of 0.21 BMI pointsSo a good week all round! I think that my weight loss is slightly superficial, as my weigh in was quite soon after a run, but the long term losses will be more revealing.My total BMI loss: 1.39My partner’s total BMI loss: 0.9 BMI pointsAs we mentioned before, the early weight loss is likely to be the easiest. So far so good though! I’ll start putting graphs up when we have more data, and I’ll aim to add some meal plans and recipes soon to show how we’re achieving our weight loss. Stay tuned to find out how the money-saving plan is coming along…


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