Workout progess – week 1


Previously, I outlined my current weekly workout plan. Here’s how I did this week….

Details of my current workout plan are here. Briefly, I have football on Monday, interval training on Tuesday and Thursday, circuit-style training on Wednesday and Friday, and a run on Saturday.

This week I played football on Monday, did intervals on the watt bike on Tuesday, and did the prescribed circuits on Wednesday. Then I woke up on Thursday and felt very sore – sitting down and standing back up was quite difficult! Instead of cycling again I struggled through a game of 5-a-side football, but on Friday I was still too sore to do the circuits again, so I did “beach weights”. Today (Saturday) I went for my usual 5.5 mile run, but the circuits had taken any bounce out of my step and I was a few minutes off the pace.

So I worked out every day that I was supposed to, but made some changes due to the impact that the circuits had on my body. The good news is I am sore in all of the right places (particularly across my core), and that I’m sure that as I get used to the circuits I’ll be more effective on the days following them. I have particularly sore quads after the run, and hope that I’ll recover in time for football on Monday!

I’ll start putting some metrics up to track my progress when I have enough of them to tell a reasonable story. Until then, I’m hoping for more of the same.

Later today I’ll be reporting the progress that my girlfriend and I have been making with diet, weight loss, and saving money.


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