Current diet plan


This page is this most up-to-date revision of our diet plan, and is based on this post.

My other half’s daily plan looks like this:

  • 300 calories for breakfast
  • 400 for lunch
  • 500 for dinner
  • 600 for snacks

Mine is:

  • 200 calories for breakfast
  • 700 for lunch
  • 750 for dinner
  • 650 for snacks

The snacks comprise whatever we like. Currently, we have bags of Haribo, chocolate, nuts and raisins, and other treats divided up into bags comprising fewer than 200 calories (bad snacks). These bad snacks could also include a can of beer or a glass of wine. We also have fruit in pots containing fewer than 100 calories (good snacks). In practice, I am eating 2 good snacks and 2 bad snacks a day, whereas my girlfriend is eating 3 bad snacks.



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